End of the show the e- whose business in Paris 2012 NEOLYS


The living room of E- Commerce Paris 2012 closed last night after three full days , from Tuesday 18 to Thursday, September 20, 2012 .
We are delighted to have you met during his three days on the e-commerce area and we thank you for your visit and your interest us.
See you very soon.

Many greetings,
Ludovic Druesnes

Communiqué presse Neolys

NÉOLYS five new standards in its customer portfolio


NÉOLYS five new standards in its customer portfolio.

If the e-commerce logistics is one of the differentiating factors for a company, this is especially true during re-entry period. Because e-commerce is not just a matter of ordering and delivery, sites and brands must be able to identify a reliable and operational partner in any situation. Specialist in e-commerce logistics, NÉOLYS understood that the logistics service remains undeniable asset to maintain the brand image of e-tailers. With five new signings, the heyday of the season looks busy for NÉOLYS.

Bestmarques – www.bestmarques.com
Website of private brands sales, auction exceptional products, collections of works of art at great prices.

Baby Premium – www.bebepremium.com
Site that offers a selection of articles upscale child care, including the brand Concord

MonCornerBio – www.cornerbio.com
Sale of cosmetics Bio and hygiene and beauty products for women mainly bio

NGF Golf – www.danslesgolfs.com
Danslesgolfs.com offers courses and golf lessons, driving range cards and golf tours.

Sanook – www.nutriting.com
Nutrition reference site, combining information, nutritional advice and sale of dietary supplements.


UNDERTAKE Interview magazine June 2012: NÉOLYS combines e-commerce and local service

NÉOLYS combines e-commerce and local service

Founded in 2007, based in Seine et Marne and specialized in E-commerce logistics, NÉOLYS offers its expertise through solutions and value-added services and works for e-commerce sites in all sectors of activity. Composed of a dynamic team on a human scale, NÉOLYS mastered the problems of E-commerce.
Interview with M .Druesnes Director.

What is the offer of NÉOLYS?
NÉOLYS offers customers outsourcing their E-commerce logistics by supporting their activities in terms of traceability and cost control explains million. Druesnes, allowing them to focus in their heart of business, by meeting their short-term needs (produce, distribute and deliver their parcels), medium term (anticipating their needs with the development planning), and long term (having a strategic tool for differentiation from the competition).

Your specific?
Our difference revolves around a new concept of customer relationship. E-commerce has revolutionized the logistics habits, says M. Druesnes and logisticians must
respond to customer service issues of an ever more specific and personalized way.
This is the rationale of our operational professionalism NÉOLYS s’ adds real philosophy of local service, source of serenity and customer satisfaction.

Development projects?
In the medium term, the real challenge for NÉOLYS is putting in place a policy of growth in Europe in particular, and we have confidence in our expertise and our
advanced design of logistics to gain market share, he said.