A customer-oriented business philosophy 

Because your needs are unique, NEOLYS offers a dedicated team that will accompany you and advise you every step of your development.
It consists of a Client Advisor in charge of the operational – package tracking , transportation dysfunction – and a Head of Customer Operations to improve the logistics process and answer all your expectations.

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E-commerce and Logistics Logistics Back

Logistics E-commerce :

  • Parcel shipment management in private homes or businesses for commercial sites of customers,
  • Full tracking of multi- carrier package,
  • Information system dedicated e-commerce,
  • All classic activities receiving , storage package ( box) or pallets
Logistics equipment returns ” just in time ” :

  • Operational processing of the return package,
  • Tracking of the package,
  • Turnover and improved customer response . Provision of an exchange return following repair…
Recycling / Co -packaging

  • Refurbishment of equipment,
  • Turning pack with accessories + specific brochures dedicated equipment ,
  • Implementation of traceability and barcode managements through specific operations.

Logistics Customer Relationship

As part of the Customer Relationship Logistics, we offer :

A dedicated team Tracking :

  • Consists of Advisors specializing in logistics for tracking packages and meet customer needs,
  • to provide a specific response to a Transport dysfunction (not client to restart , provision of a standby package ).

Responsible Guest Operations , available and responsive, responsible for :

  • Answer any specific ad hoc requests,
  • Propose process improvements,
  • Do everything possible in an emergency to meet the expectations customers.

Logistics POS

Logistics POS Live Marketing :

Specializing in inventory management , preparation and consolidation of orders , dispatching documentation , POS, advertising and promotional materials and objects , prints, logo- typed products.

Promotional logistics and documentary :

For any communication action , promotion and animation. NEOLYS provides back office promotional campaigns / One Shot , clothing kits , events, loyalty , POS installation .

Our information system

A specific information system developed internally to :

  • Inventory management in Platform
  • Product packaging
  • Interoperability with all coliporteurs the French market
  • Rapid interfacing with your information system

Our specific developments are made with the latest technology, on recent hardware with :

  • Language PHP Development
  • Linux
  • Apache Web Server
  • MySQL Server database
  • Wireless Technology
  • Interface Type: FTP, SOAP, etc.

Anxious to ensure a truly customized service to the needs of e-tailers, NEOLYS has developed its own information system called: NEOLYSYS. With it, you view real-time inventory, product packaging, interoperability with all coliporteurs the French market. In addition, NEOLYS provides a secure dedicated interface, intuitive and ergonomic.

Your client area, NEOLYSYS can :

Consult followed receptions, your inventory and your orders logistics platform, Learn about the shipping status of your package, Edit, and prioritize cancel your order according to your requirements Creating new commands directly from your Customer Area to Manage your service, track and give your instructions for returns orders

We also have the logistics module in PRESTASHOP allowing you to interface with a single click NEOLYSYS at a competitive price.

With NEOLYSYS , you have clear information and an EDI relationship with your server.

Your Customer NEOLYS

Your Space dedicated Clients is available from any computer station , providing access to followed receptions, inventory and orders (with status transport) in real time. Our site responds to 100% and may change based on your new demands.

  • Consult your inventory logistics platform
  • An update of the shipping status of your package

EDI Exchanges

NEOLYSYS refreshes the following data communicated to your server via EDI :

Stock status,
Statutes of your orders :

  • awaiting preparation
  • in preparation
  • awaiting shipment
  • shipped
  • out for delivery
  • waiting at the post office
  • waiting in shops
  • delivered at customer
  • in return.

This information is available in real time on your Customer Area and can be exported to Excel .