Our offer

We receive goods from suppliers, we store if necessary and prepare orders to ship.
Providing transportation to the clients is always supported by NEOLYS. We provide a Customer Area allows you to control your activity in real time.

Our offer is a comprehensive logistics service with or without stock

Why outsource its e-logistics ?

Logistics accounts for at least 50% in a successful e-commerce business.
The level of orders must be irreproachable quality and guaranteed, delays must always be short and be respected. Similarly, the quality of after-sales service is a key competitive advantage today but requires a flawless logistics.

By pressing the expertise of a professional to take over the management of these constraints, you can focus on other essential operations such as supply management, marketing or SEO.

With NEOLYS, you access to an expanded transport services and optimize transportation costs and supplies. Our expertise and our organization also allows you to variabilize cost benefits. What is particularly interesting in the phases of growth and / or decline of a company, or during seasonal activity (Christmas, Valentine’s Day …).

Our Offer if you are interested :

  • You are in business startup

  • You are an SME or SOHO

  • You are e-merchant or have an activity exclusively in distribution to individuals

  • BtoB you have an existing business and want to start a BtoC business by pooling your resources or no