Testimonials Ours Customers


Society EDCAE, Mr Christian COTTEN

Funny fanatics: they are efficient and dedicated to their customers! Thing ultimately not so widespread that in these strange times ...
It has been nearly six years since I came into their claws and finally, it is very comfortable for us.
The girls are beautiful like hearts, the partner computer is démerde well the specific requirements of customers as boring I know to be and when they do stupid things (rarely), they know recognize and manage very quickly everyday hazards .
Oh, I have agreed that competing proposals come to me: small is beautiful, they say sometimes, and I'm glad to see me a little shop like theirs is just as effective as a large machine where customers become just numbers, they know how to negotiate the best rates with carriers.
The quality of relationships is the best economic performance tool. 6-700 packages / month with a very very small percentage of hazards: music continue at the same pace!
Beautiful day.

Christian Cotten



We are more than pleased with our collaboration with NEOLYS and his team .
The team is great , attentive and very professional . We can always count on them to find solutions.
The NEOLYSYS Clients space is constantly improving according to our needs with innovative and useful proposals.
A pleasure to work with a company like NEOLYS .

Françoise Baumard


Invenire Mary QUEYREL

High quality services: we can have absolute confidence in the proper management of B2C commands ( responsiveness, accuracy , optimization) .
Customer service of the highest quality : the fastest answers to customer questions, no complex procedures but high efficiency. All in a very pleasant and personalized atmosphere where the customer is individualized.

Marie Queyrel


PACK & FLY, Mme Caroline ROUSSIN

NEOLYS , it is a human-sized company with the professionalism of a large logistics company , a very large listening to its customers and a strong ability to adapt to all situations , and for 7 years !

Caroline ROUSSIN



Attentive and responsive team , a human and professional service, timeliness, quality of work.
In short , everything you would expect from a logistics partner (and even a little more ;)!

Thierry Sanarès


Mon Corner B , Caroline VALTONN

It has been three years since NEOLYS is our logistics provider and we are absolutely delighted ! Their team is competent and highly responsive. All our orders leave the big day even in peak times ( 3 * or 4 * usual volume). I always have a dedicated contact that responds quickly to specific customer requirements . The error rate is marginal , logistics costs constantly reviewed to be as close to the best rates for carriers. Congratulations and thank you , my clients are delighted .

Caroline Valton



Three years of collaboration with NEOLYS without a hitch . Main quality for us : the team is very responsive. There is a sense of working together, not just to be a NEOLYS client. Also thank you for the seriousness and kindness with which our applications are processed .

Blandine LAVAUX